Whether your project requires a point of interest in a small garden, an intriguing walkway or a centrepiece in a public square, this studio will work with you to create a mosaic to make your space come alive. With a design tailored to fit, we will use texture, colour and imagery for a commissioned mosaic particular to your site.

Larger mosaics are constructed from a number of pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a seamless whole. Once installed, the spaces between the pieces are filled with the same cementitious grout used in the moulds.

Ceramic elements, like the birds in Garden,  below left, or the fish in Pool, below right, are examples of design elements that can be used for added detail.

Contact us for procedures and costs.

IN BLOOM, custom surround for base of water fountain
48″ diameter

RATTLER, custom surround for base of bird bath
32″ diameter

20″ x 30″, installed in County Kerry, Ireland

59 x 59 cm (24″ x 24″) Installed in Count Kerry, Ireland

Crested Waves

8′ diameter, installed in private garden

Installing one of the pair of mosaics commissioned by Parklane Landscape for Toronto’s Canada Blooms 2016 show, each 2′ x 6′

Mosaics in their Rain Gardens display. One of the pair is now installed at Seneca College, King Campus and the other in a private garden

Celtic knot 3' diameter

36″ diameter

Cottage Celtic Knot-Before

Cottage site before CELTIC KNOT installation

Cottage Celtic Knot-after

Cottage site after CELTIC KNOT installation

Johnson Garden

24″ x 34″

Johnson Pool

24″ x 34″

SUN 1 meter (39") diameter

1 meter (39″) diameter

Green spotted SNAKE
24″ diameter