RADIANCE (above) and BEACH MEMORIES (below) each 2′ x 6′, installed in the Garden of Europe, Listowel Ireland


In March and April 2018 during an artist residency at the Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland, these two 2′ x 6′ pebble mosaics were completed by the artist and through mosaic workshops for community members. They are now installed in the Garden of Europe, near the town centre. They were made exclusively with pebbles collected on North Kerry beaches.


Along with two other project coordinators, Kathleen conceived, designed and produced the Willow Square project on Ward’s Island, Toronto. A community-based initiative, it is sponsored by the Ward’s Island Recreation Association in partnership with City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

Over 50 Islanders and friends attended workshops at Artscape Gibraltar Point to learn the art of pebble mosaics, helping to create the 12-foot diameter willow mosaic pictured here. The image represents an island with a central willow tree whose intertwined trunk symbolizes the two communities of Ward’s and Algonquin. The roots of the tree reach into the surrounding water. The mosaic focuses on the natural world, with a small band of ceramic houses, bicycles and carts bringing Island community life into the image.

The Willow Square – located in the heart of the Island’s summer community – celebrates the Island’s story: its history, people and the natural world that has shaped it.

3.66 m (12′) diameter pebble mosaic,
the centrepiece of Willow Square, Ward’s Island, Toronto

Opening of Willow Square, August 2012 with some of the many volunteers who helped make it happen. Photo by Sean Tamblyn

Ceramic houses and bike with cart

Custom high-fired ceramic pieces add important details

Ceramic fish

Frost proof ceramic fish in the “water” of the mosaic